Still Too Much To Do

Here’s a conundrum.

I’m paying for blog hosting with dream host. I have another set of domains hosted (sort-of) over at linode. I’m wrestling with getting those servers set up.

I wonder which approach wastes more of the time that I just don’t have available for this sort of garbage. Do I keep messing with struggling with configuring an email server over there? See about setting it up here? I think I want to point the blog subdomain here, the way I have it now and point the www host there, using their DNS.

I should probably just get in touch with support here to see what they recommend.

I really just need email set up on a totally different domain so I can configure an account on a software-publishing domain that requires an ssh key tied to an email account. I wonder if there’s a reasonable way to get that submitted without actually setting up the email system.

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