$$$ Kelly’s Money! $$$

At James’ office Christmas party, he won a drawing, a fat envelope full of cash. Kelly came very close to winning his money back, but he didn’t. We did. And it was so much money, we hardly knew what to do with it.

IMG_4144One Saturday morning, we decided to get out and see where our lucre would take us.

James, dancing down the street with his sweet moolah.

Just a couple of blocks away, we found an awesome Mexican restaurant that wasn’t even open. But when they saw us on the sidewalk flashing all of that cash, they invited us in, sat us down, and fed us a full hour before they allowed in the rest of the public.


Enjoying brunch & toasting Kelly, provider of the bounty.

But that didn’t use even half of the cash! So, on New Year’s Eve, we hit another place for dinner.

New Years Eve! 011
The Melting Pot!

The food would not stop…

Creamy crab fondue. Pear and bleu cheese salad. Coq au vin broth with veggies already cooking. New Years Eve! 008 Dippable desserts. White chocolate creme brulee!

Thanks, Kelly!
Thanks, Kelly!


First Time!

This is the first time I’ve been able to log in to post here. I’m thinking that I’ll move my personal blog over here, and I’m almost certain that my posts will be of no interest to anyone who’s reading James’ posts.

Lot of news, lots of stuff going on, but no time to update for now. Glad to know it’s here, though. I’ll be back!

Crunch Time

It’s that time at work again. The part that pretty much every software developer dreads. We’re right on the verge of a fresh release, which means we’re right at the deadline, tempers are frayed, everything seems to be crap, nothing works right, and we’re all working crazy-long hours.

One team pulled an all-nighter earlier this week. I managed to avoid that, but I expect to be working most of the weekend. And we’re just hitting the final two week stretch.

Honestly, this isn’t all that bad. We spent around 6 months in this phase at one of my first programming jobs. Then the company laid off most of the engineers so they could afford to hire salespeople.