New, Improved LXC on Gentoo

So I’ve cloned the lxc repository to try to get the latest version running (because I can be stupid that way).

One of the first problems I ran into was getting the configure script to recognize that I truly do have python (and, since it’s gentoo, all the associated development pieces) installed.

I don’t know much about autogen, et al. But fireeye’s chapter on PKG_CHECK_MODULES led me to the “solution”.

That module (in this case) winds up using pkg-config to compare versions. In this situation, it’s looking for version details in /usr/lib/pkgconfig/python3.pc to see whether I have 3.2 or later installed. That file doesn’t exist on my system.

What does exist is /usr/lib/pkgconfig/python-3.3.pc which should happily inform the config system that I’m good to go.

I’m almost inclined to label this a bug in gentoo’s eselect mechanism. But it could be architectural differences of opinion. Whatever. `ln -s /usr/lib/pkgconfig python3.pc` got me moving forward.

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