Man Cave to Nursery

There’s really only one space available in the Nuthaus for Rooby to hang out. It’s the room that used to be my office.

So we’ve spent the past couple of weekends finding other places for my “absolutely vital” stuff. Most of which has been sitting around in boxes for the past few years anyway.

You might possibly be surprised (if you didn’t know me) to learn that at least half of it was garbage. Or, at least, prime candidates for recycling. Which still wound up in the land fill…Austin’s recycling schedule just does not work well with this sort of activity.

I found some interesting artifacts.┬áIt looks like Grandma filed all of the letters to her by family tree. And I seem to have inherited everything from Mom. Maybe it was supposed to just be the letters that were about me, but I’m willing to bet that no one bothered to trim them down by subject.

I was more than a little amazed at some of the stuff my mom had packed away for me. There were samples of our 4th grade newspaper. A box of 10-d nails. A Christmas tree ornament shaped like a train engine stamped “James”. A package of glue sticks. A knitted baby mitten.

This room feels empty to me now. I think it’s screaming for Rooby’s stuff. I wanted to start moving that in.

But Laura wants to wait until I really have it empty, and I can understand that. We’re planning to move the rest of my stuff out next weekend, but now I’m starting to feel the pressure too.

Then again…I tend to get really fidgety when my computer’s turned off. So maybe we’ll wait.

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  1. You did great, baby. :) This is probably even bigger than getting rid of the carrot barrel. I can’t even tell you how much I appreciate you and how proud I am of your willingness to jettison stuff – and even privacy – to make room for your family. You make me (and us) feel extremely cared for and protected and important. Thank you. <3

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